Build a 3D River Basin

You are to produce a
3-dimensional river basin.

You need to include:

  • The different parts of a river basin from the source to the mouth e.g. watershed, tributary, confluence, waterfall.
  • Think about the features of the upper, middle and lower parts of your river basin.

Make sure your model is not too large so you can transport it to school. Preferably no bigger than A3.

You must also make sure you use the correct geogrpahical terminology to label your model.

Optional ideas:
  • Add human settlements to your model.
  • Show humans using the river for recreational use.

Ocean Fact File - Homework

To produce a fact file to inform other students about ocean life.

You must include:

  • A Front Cover
  • Introduction - What is an ocean?
  • Where is your ocean located? You should produce a map with a title and a key.
  • Key facts about the ocean: how deep is it? How big is the area it covers? What is the temperature? etc.
  • What Animals live in the ocean?
  • Plant life - Different species etc.
  • Ship wrecks
  • Any other interesting facts.

    Do not produce more than 12 pages.

EU Country Tour Brochure - Homework

To create a tour of an EU country (not Italy or the British Isles) for a family of four visiting from Britain. The tour could be in the format of a pamphlet or a brochure.


  • Refer to the regions that make up your country.
  • Use maps, pictures and diagrams to illustrate your writing.
  • Activities should be varied (historical, leisure, outdoors, entertainment, shopping, accomodation etc.)
  • You must use as many different sources of information as possible (internet, books, tourist brochures etc.)
  • Finally, your description of what to do must be persuasive and in your OWN words (you MUST make your research your own!)